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Wearable Device

Smart Band


Worlds first Cat.M1 wearable tracker


Accurate location position Indoors and Outdoors


Health and Biometric Information


SoS button for emergency situation or fall detection

First time in the country

Cat.M1 Healthcare
Smart Band


A smart guardian device that protects the safety and health of your loved ones

Accurate Indoor and Outdoor Location Tracking
Equipped with advanced network technology, it accurately tracks locations both outdoors, such as in busy streets and parks, and indoors, such as in shopping malls and train stations.
Fall Detection and Alerts
Automatically detects falls and sends alerts to guardians and emergency services. Users can also request help directly from guardians and emergency services using the intuitive SOS button.
Heart Rate, Oxygen Saturation, and Step Count Monitoring
Users can check their heart rate, oxygen saturation, and step count on the display screen. Guardians (or caregivers) can monitor these metrics through the application.
Comprehensive Information at Guardian’s Request
Provides two-way communication between users and guardians. Depending on the situation, messages can be sent and received, and real-time information on health and location can be accessed upon the guardian’s request.


Size 44 mm X 37.8mm X 13mm, Weight 40g,
Compact size that is comfortable to wear for a long time


Soft and natural volume shape design


A stylish watch type design

IP68 rating-certified

Outdoor environment - Consider rainy weather, sweating during exercise, etc.
Indoor environment - Consider indoor wear situations such as washing dishes, showering, etc.

1.3 inch Color LCD Touch Screen

Clear screen with 1.3-inch full-color LCD,
Anyone can use it easily with a touch screen and dedicated UI.

Wrist Detection/notification

Automatic measurement whether the device is worn in 1 minute, Send notifications to guardians when not on the wrist.

Supports Magnetic Charging Cradle

The back of the product and the charging cradle are embedded with magnets, allowing the device to be easily and accurately positioned on the cradle.

Long battery life with single charge

The device can be used continuously for 43 hours when transmitting data every 30 minutes and for 22 hours when transmitting data every 5 minutes after a full charge. *Battery life may vary depending on the usage environment.

Band locking feature for elderly and dementia patients

To prevent loss, the device is equipped with an anti-removal band for users at risk, such as elderly individuals with dementia and those with intellectual disabilities. Caregivers can easily attach and detach the band using a special key.

Replaceable Watch Band

The Smart Keeper 2's band attachment is designed to be compatible with standard 20mm watch bands, allowing users to replace it according to their needs and preferences.