Human Technology

Company Overview

Leading Integrated Technology Company

in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Since its establishment in 2002,
Human Technology has pioneered the wireless data communication device and wearable markets with innovative technologies, such as the world’s first WiMAX mobile router and Korea’s first wearable kids phone.
Beyond expanding into AI and 5G device sectors, we are committed to creating a safe and convenient present and a happier future for people through human-centric technology.

for a better tomorrow

We believe that technology should
enrich human lives.

In our technology development process, we respect human values and dignity, living,
always prioritizing the impact on human life.
While our existing businesses have introduced technologies for more convenient and efficient living,
we are now shifting our paradigm to focus on technologies for safety and happiness.
This is the new vision of Human Technology and our mission.
All our employees are dedicated to ensuring the safety and happiness of our customers.
Human Technology Inc.
CEO Kim Jong Soo