Business Area

Wearable Device



Qualcomm's Snapdragon Wear 2100 Platform Embedded


IP67-certified for Dust protection and waterproof


Round LCD


Using 2 GPS, Base Station, WiFi, and Bluetooth Accurate Location
Various Contents in Round Display



Various Contents in Round Display, JOON3

Identifying locations with enhanced precision
Two GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth are used for identifying locations to improve indoor/outdoor measurement precision and duration.
More convenient communication functions
Touch keypad and dial functions are supported to allow your kids to enter characters and phone numbers directly. Privacy is well-protected through linkage with vibration function, whispering mode, and Bluetooth Earset.
Further enhanced perfect capability
The capabilities and convenience of the device have been dramatically improved by mounting the Qualcomm Chip exclusive for wearable devices, Android operating system, and high-resolution round LCD display. The device has been certified by IP67 to be dust-proof and water-tight, ensuring ease of use of the product.
More enjoyable and diversified contents
Rich contents are supported including those for education, entertainment, and health without any worry of addiction by limiting the number of accesses per day. Users can also operate various smart toys with apps exclusive for JOON3.

1. Emergency Call

Pressing the sos button, emergency call or message is sent to the administrator upon pressing the call button.

2. Voice Call

Voice communication connected with address book, dial pad
Voice volume adjustable during communication, privacy-protected dialog in Whispering Mode

3. Message

Ensuring correct input of messages with touch keypad
Illiterate kids can also send messages consisting of voice, emoticons, and boilerplate texts

4. Location finding

Ease of finding the location of your kid with an application that is easy and simple to use
Most precise map; guides you to routes to reach your kid

5. Going now

Function of simple display of the current location of your kid
through message sending from your kid to the administrator

6. Various Functions

Providing various characters, education, fun, and healthy contents.
Exchange of contact information and network battles among JOON3 users.
Function of operation of and linkage with various Smart toys.