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Home Shopping

Through the successful launch of our own brand, we have been recognized for our differentiated branding strategy and solid product power, standing out in renowned domestic home shopping and T-commerce. Using our success in the food sector as a foundation, we promise to expand into various categories and channels, bringing convenience and enjoyment to people’s lives.

Home Shopping Channel

Own Brand, 'Sadaebu House'

Sadaebu House

Premium Korean dining brand developed to enjoy the menu of the premium Korean dining restaurant ‘Sadaebu House’ in Yeouido at home

Own Brand, 'Delicious Seasonal Table'

Delicious Seasonal Table

A premium Korean home shopping brand developed in collaboration with 30-year veteran star culinary researcher, Lee Bo-eun, centered around the concept of ‘Seasonal Table’.

Own Brand, 'Seaside'


A seafood specialty F&B brand offering fresh seafood from Korea’s clean seas at reasonable prices, catering to customers’ tastes.